We work hard every day to develop friendly reliable secure optimized software.

Our company focuses on product quality releases with a strong background on independent application development, components and solutions development. It all is based.

Virtual Cross-Teams Collaboration
Cross-Time Zone Collaboration
Deep Technology Expertise
New Technologies and Trends

Who We Are

Our company is focused on product quality releases with a strong background on independent application development and also components and solutions development which requires virtual cross-teams collaboration and cross-time zone cooperation, deep technology expertise, various platforms, new technologies and trends and fast development.

Our goal is to develop user friendly, technically reliable, secure and optimized software. The company has been founded in 2004 with focus on 3D graphics and house automation, later followed by visualization, rendering and multi-platform development.. Recent projects include, among others, software develompment for 3D printing and participation in the development of a multiplaform rendering engine for Minecraft.

Our Services

Analysis and solution feasibility

Based on your needs we provide analysis on the requests and provide solution feasibility study.


We create user friendly software design proposal with software and hardware specifications.


Programming the perfect solution is our main focus. We are experts in various platforms – Windows, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Android, iOS, VR, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and with various development languages and technologies.

Code Testing and Optimization

Our team has got a wide expertise in unit, functional, integration, performance, load and acceptance testing with full support of build and test automation where possible.


We provide post development and maintenance support for all our products.

SiProgs Portfolio

Our Expertise

Motion Control Development and Pattern Recognition

We create solutions based on motion detection and motion sensors as for example Kinect for Windows (v1, v2) or Intel RealSense sensors for various needs such as detection of human bodies, faces, gestures, object’s shape detections and etc. linked with transfer of detected data to other software applications for 3D printing, laser shows, and/or graphical representations in games.

Software Development Kits, Drivers

The team have broad experience with software development kits and drivers especially for Microsoft Windows platform.

Mathematical Algorithms, Machine Learning

Our team has got advanced math experiences with focus on mathematically intensive problems algorithms, parallel and multicore processing programming and distributed calculations (server-client).

3D Graphics Engines Programing

Many years of development experience in graphics area. We are experts in interactive rendering techniques, physically based rendering, programming solid, soft and skeletal bodies animation systems, advanced physics simulation for games and physically based modeling. The latest innovative focus in 3D programming is building 3D printing software solutions and participation in the development of a rendering backend for Minecraft.

Our professional experienced friendly team is the reason many clients work with us over and over.

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